Math Game Day

Engaging online math tournament

in spring 2020

Choose your country

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Fast and engaging

Real-time thrill

Live viewership

Student teams play against others in real-time. The results are live instantly!

Classmates, parents and the whole school can root for their teams online!

This is a unique event and exciting experience for your students!

Math games are hosted online and all participants play in real-time! Students can join from all over the world by using a smart device and WiFi connection. 

Join in to compete

and play with other schools in real-time!

Think fast to solve as many tasks as you can. Play 3 games - a total of 20 minutes.

Practice makes perfect

Fun and engaging (no prep!) classroom game 

to practice and revise math skills. 

Try it in your next class. It's free!

Feedback from the teachers

"I really like the idea of the gameday and a lot of students are getting faster at both typing and arithmetic because of the practice feature.”

David Baldwin
Boulware Springs Charter School, FL

"The children really enjoyed the timed aspect as it made it more competitive and it was easy for me to use in short amounts of time”

Patrisha Flores
The School of Science and Technology, TX